Changes are finally coming to the Renewable Fuel Standard

After almost two decades, changes are coming to the Renewable Fuel Standard.

Joe Kakesh, General Counsel for Growth Energy, says the changes will bring the program to its full potential.

“Until recently, Congress gave the EPA specific statutory volume for blending each year through 2022. But starting in 2023, EPA is now required to establish these Renewable Volume Obligations, or RVOs, through a process called The Set. Rather than being given these numbers by Congress, EPA makes a determination about what the volume is going to be based on six factors that include reference to climate change, the impact of the RFS on rural economic development, energy security, and it’s also required to consult with the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Department of Energy in making those determinations about volumes,” said Kakesh.

He says under a consent agreement, the EPA has until November 16th to formally propose the new RVOs.


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