Channel will offer 20 new XtendFlex products for 2021 soybeans

Farmers will have twenty new Channel XtendFlex soybean products for their farms in 2021. The products have been widely planted and evaluated in monitored field trials across the corn belt in 2020, providing the Channel team members and farmers a reliable assessment of agronomic vigor and yield potential.

So far, farmers who have used the products say that XtendFlex soybeans are easy to keep clean and another says that overall it is a very good agronomic package.

According to Alex Barreiro, the Channel brand soybean product manager, “XtendFlex is the largest single-year trait launch for Bayer Crop Science. Bayer has made a substantial investment in the XtendFlex soybean portfolio ready to deliver both a strong agronomic performance and high yield potentials there in all maturities paired with now additional tolerance to glufosinate herbicides. So, that grower can have more choice to deal with tough to control weeds.”

Channel XtendFlex soybeans are sourced globally and tested locally, undergoing a rigorous selection process using field-proven, precision-breeding technology.