Childress Earnhardt Auction

NASCAR Hall of Fame team owner, race car driver, and farmer, Richard Childress, is parting with some of his prized possessions to help with COVID-19 relief.

Childress plans to auction off one of the original cars that Dale Earnhardt drove and other Earnhardt memorabilia to help the people struggling in these difficult times.

Childress says, “I was watching all of the people that were lined up to get food and in America we shouldn’t be like that. These times have put everyone in such tough, unprecedented position and I said what can I do or what can RCR do to make a difference in some of these people’s lives.”

Thousands of pieces of memorabilia will be on eBay and the car will be auctioned off on Barrett-Jackson. All proceeds will go directly to first responders and Feeding America. The auction will take place online from May 8th and go through May 16th.

Childress said that it is tough to part with such a cherished piece of NASCAR history, but it is for a good cause and one that he believes in. He says, “We are in such an unprecedented time in America today...its tough on everyone. This is where America has to pull together; this is where America shows its strength.”

To check out the auction click HERE.