Christian Artists Come Together for Album of Hope

Making music is a collaborative effort. Producers spend time finding the right voices or players to create a certain sound. But when the music is meant to deliver a message of hope -- to make listeners feel less alone. That’s when the collaborations take on an even greater significance. For pianist, composer and producer, Paul Cardall his new album, Worth of Souls, is meant to reach those who are struggling with dark thoughts. And he called on an entire community of talented artists to deliver that message in solidarity.

Described as a “prescription for people who are struggling with depression, or a feeling of being lost,” Cardell created Worth of Souls with the help of a dozen award-winning artists including Kenz Hall, Jordan Moyes, Ashley Hess, Ellee Duke, Charley Jenkins, Sierra Lauren, Jordan Moyes, Jim Daneker, Trevor Price, Ashley Hess, Justin Williams and Emily Bea.

“We all experience doubt and anxiety and some of us even depression,” Cardall comments. “Worth of Souls plants seeds of faith and aims to restore confidence in ourselves and our ability to let go and let something greater than ourselves, even God, manage our lives.”

Singer/songwriter Sierra Lauren who sings on the track, “How Can It Be?” explains, “The Worth of Souls project is a group of artists who have come together to remind everyone that listens, that God is there.”

Find out more about the album and order your own copy here.