Cincinnati Zoo cheetahs to have opportunity to run at farm



CINCINNATI (AP) — Cheetahs from the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden will have about five acres of open terrain where they can run at a facility anticipated to be completed this summer.

The cheetahs will be transported from the zoo in suburban Cincinnati in custom, built-in van crates to the “Cheetah Run” at the zoo’s Bowyer Farm in Warren County, The Cincinnati Enquirer reported.

The animals will have the space to run, but will not be required to do so, said zoo spokeswoman Michelle Curley.

Zoning records indicate some residents raised safety concerns, but the Warren County Board of Zoning and Appeals approved the plan last year. The five-acre, tree-lined “Cheetah Run” project will be enclosed by a fence.

Zoo officials have no safety concerns, said Mark Fischer, vice president of facilities, planning and stability for the zoo. He said the cheetahs, raised by humans and dogs, are “docile” and “timid.”

Fisher said the run will be fun for the cheetahs — Tommy, Nia, Savanna, Donni, Cathryn, Willow, Redd, and Kris — and give them space to stretch their legs.

Jonathan Sims, a Turtlecreek Township trustee, said the development is in line with a plan for the area that could encourage tourism and preserve green spaces.