Civil unrest in China brings new worry over country meeting Phase One commitments

The U.S. and China are dealing with increasing tension due to turmoil between Beijing and Hong Kong and many are worried it will impact commitments under the Phase One Trade Deal.

Reports say China’s import pace is still far behind where it needs to be. By the end of May, China bought just 19 percent of its total purchase target. U.S. Customs data shows that China will need to buy about $139 billion dollars in goods over the remainder of the year. China also agreed to buy and additional $200 billion dollars over the 2017 level of purchases by the end of next year.

U.S. officials remain optimistic the target numbers will be met.

“We have every expectation that they will support and live up to the phase one agreement and they are well on their way to their commitments,” U.S. Treasure Secretary Steven Mnuchin said.