Clemson Reach: A Clemson Family Business

Clemson University is a land grant institution that has had a tremendous impact on the world of agriculture.

Chip Carter spent some time on campus and followed some alumni just to show us how much in our new series “Clemson Reach.” Today, we visit Titan Farms-- which is basically a Clemson factory.

Titan Farms is the leading peach producer in South Carolina. They started out with 1,500 acres of peaches and now they are close to 6,000 acres of peaches and 1,000 acres of vegetables. According to CEO Chalmers Carr, they built a processing facility few year back and are now fully integrated.

Carr touts Clemson for their success: “It was that sense of family there that kind of spilled over into this farm and how we’ve done things. So, as we’ve hired people we’ve grown it together. On of my big philosophies is-- ‘as you empower people, give them the tools and resources for what they need to be successful, and get out of their way.’”

Jason Rodger is the VP of operations at Titan Farms and the first person in his family to go to college. Growing up he wanted to be a doctor but when he reached high school his interests turned to ag.

“There is a lineage of agriculture at Clemson, and so, that networking, there is no price you could put on that,” he said.