Clemson Reach: A Unique Perspective

Clemson University is a land grant university that has had a tremendous impact on the world of agriculture. Chip Carter spent some time on campus and followed some alumni just to show us how much, in our new series “Clemson Reach.” Today, we meet a young man who is making an impact at the state level.

Chad Truesdale is the Director of Agricultural Programs for the South Carolina Department of Agriculture. Prior to this position he was an undergrad at Clemson studying animal veterinary science, graduating in 2003.

Truesdale is the only one in his family to attend Clemson University.

Through his job he administers programs from the Department of Ag and the USDA FNS.

He says that South Carolina is very unique in the fact that they house eight commodity boards within their Department of Agriculture. He also works with “Farm to School Programs” and branding programs, one being the “Certified South Carolina Grown Program.”