Clemson Reach: The Legacy of the Senn Brothers

Clemson University is a land grant university that has had a tremendous impact on the world of agriculture. Chip Carter spent some time on campus and followed some alumni just to show us how much in our new series “Clemson Reach.” Today, we learn more about a produce company that started in the early 1940s.

In the 1980’s, Gregg Senn was able to help his father and uncle expand their business with some help from a schoolmate. Before he knew it, he was supplying produce to most of the stores on main street.

Now, their operation has over 40 trucks.

It is still a family operation; Gregg has two sons, Jake and Zach, who are involved with the company.

Zach graduated from Clemson University in 2017. He received a major in ag mechanization and a minor in agribusiness. He says that Clemson definitely prepared him for the business: “Taking that knowledge and building the connections with the professors, with the research farm, with the extension service and being able to bring it back here... really helped grow what I do here.”