“Colorado River water is very serious": Farm Bureau president weighs in on the importance of clarifying WOTUS

The Waters of the U.S. ruling has been a big topic of conversation at this year’s American Farm Bureau Convention.

The president of the Colorado Farm Bureau shares his thoughts on the issue.

According to Carlyle Currier, “Waters of the U.S., well water in general, is a huge issue in Colorado because we are the headwaters of many big rivers. We have rivers that go out of our state in every direction to other states and other people in those states depend on water. We’re the only state besides Hawaii that has no water flowing into it, it all flows out. We’re the headwaters of several major rivers and they’ve been dry, and whether it’s Colorado, which makes the most news because of the various low levels in Lake Powell and Lake Mead, and the dependency in California and Arizona agriculture. Colorado River water is very serious, but we also have problems on the Rio Grand, the Arkansas, the Platte River, all those are facing challenges at providing enough water downstream largely because of the drought we’ve been in for an extended period of time.”

Now, it is time to wait for the Supreme Court decision in the Sackett v/s EPA case, which could upend the entire ruling.