Combining art and agriculture to educate others

A farm in middle Tennessee uses pottery to teach others about agriculture.

At Old School Farm, just west of Nashville, Joanna Mechan is the pottery instructor.

She says that some may think it is strange to combine art and agriculture, but she says that the two have been intertwined for centuries.

“As we started growing our own food stuff, we started needing things to store it in, eat off of, and we bake in it. It’s also used in farming to store water and slowly deliver water out into the plant. It’s also used as fertilizer. You can burn it,” Mechan states. “That’s how the Amazons did theirs in the Amazon rainforests, that’s how the natives-- part of their secret to growing things in unfertile soil.”

The Old School Farm provides produce to people in middle Tennessee. They also hire and empower people with all different abilities and skill levels.

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