Concerns over feeding the world’s growing population

The world’s population could hit 10,000,000,000 in the next 30 years, and there is concern with how to feed everyone.

The USDA says that there needs to be a balance between ag production and production capability, so farmers can meet the needs.

According to the USDA Deputy Undersecretary of Research, Education, and Economics, Scott Hutchins, “In agriculture, increased production improves our ability to reduce food insecurity... and for farmers to be profitable... whether that’s through increased production, improved quality, or reducing food loss and waste. Production capability includes our approaches to ensure the land, the soil, air and water can continue to expand agricultural productivity over perpetuity, through access to the tools and improved farming practices... that farmers need.”

Hutchins adds that this can only happen with innovation and technology advancements. He also states that U.S. farmers have been leading the way on how to grow more food using less land and water.