Confirmed case of HPAI in Indiana making global headlines and disrupting trade

The news of confirmed highly pathogenic avian influenza in a U.S. commercial clock is beginning to make headlines around the world.

The soybean market took a wild ride when Mexico announced it was banning poultry imports from Indiana.

USDA’s chief veterinarian says that this is all part of the protocol, but they are working to limit the extent of trade disruptions.

According to Rosemary Sifford, “We are required to do an immediate report to the World Organization for Animal, the OIE, which we have done, and we have reached out to our trading partners to share the details of the incident with them. We have a food history with our trading partners of being able to very quickly control and eradicate HPAI in these types of incidents.”

Their hope is this information will minimize the impact on trade and limit any restrictions to just the area of concern within Indiana.


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