Consumer campaign creates more transparency and trust in the beef industry

Sometimes a little educations goes a long way, especially when it comes to your dinner. Certified Angus Beef presents this video on how a consumer campaign increases transparency and trust.

With animal welfare conversations on the rise, the Beef Checkoff began surveying consumers to gauge their perceptions.

“We asked people just ‘what happens from pasture to plate?’ and the biggest thing people said is ‘we don’t know,’” Shawn Darcy states. “43 percent of consumers actually said cattle live in confinement for their entire life, and so for us, that’s just really telling. A lot of the positives were associated with more niche markets, small family farms that identified more as grass fed, organic, where a lot of the inhumane treatment that they thought was happening was more of a mass produce, large corporations.”

To add relevant perspective, the Checkoff launched a campaign that included links to the Beef Quality Assurance, or BQA, program.

According to Darcy, “It was about a 30 second video, and that had the most weight behind it. It was on social media, and that was that high level message for most of those consumers that having a little information was enough for them... if they still wanted more, they could even go to from”

Surveying the same group of consumers later, the results came back dramatically different.

“We had 70 percent of consumers say it increased their confidence that beef was safe. 67 percent say it increased their confidence the animals raised humanely, and over 60 percent actually made them feel like it was beef they could find at the grocery store. So, not just that local farm or ranch, but everybody.”

The campaign was not just successful for the Beef Checkoff but for ranchers everywhere.

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