Controlled environment agriculture is helping keep fresh food on shelves

As the current pandemic reveals cracks in the supply chain, produce companies are sharing how they harnessed technology to get fresh foods to store shelves.

Leading ag tech companies prove automation and science can add value during market disruptions. Decentralizing controlled environment agriculture offers flexibility to meet supply needs for consumers and retailers.

“We were able to actually supersede the challenges they had to serve their consumer, it’s partly because of our systems, and it’s also because of our flexible supply chains and that were local to the communities we are serving,” said Carmela Cugini, EVP of Sales at Bowery Farms.

Companies say the business model also makes them less vulnerable to labor shortages. The technology allowed growers to quickly streamline safety measures for food and employees. Cugini also adds that this method allows for complete transparency and tracing of the produce, thus reassuring the consumer.

As global ag sectors adapt to safety protocols, leaders say that controlled environment agriculture is less vulnerable to future supply chain disruptions.