Coronavirus Food Assistance Program payments so far by state, sector

The USDA has now distributed more than $4 billion dollars to more than 252,000 producers. That is just one-quarter of the $16 billion dollar total in the budget for the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program.

Iowa is the largest recipient so far with almost $425 million dollars, mostly split between livestock and non-specialty row crops.

Wisconsin is just shy of receiving $300 million dollars, mostly for dairy.

Other high ranking states include Nebraska, Minnesota, Kansas, South Dakota, Texas and Illinois.

California and New York dairies are also benefiting, the sector has received 22 percent of the program payments. Half of the $4 billion dollars has gone to other livestock industries and just over a quarter is for non-specialty crops. The specialty crop sector has only received 2 percent or just over $84 million dollars.

As for commodities that were left out, potato and bison producers want a piece of the aid.

On Monday, leaders plead their case arguing supply chain disruption lost 1.5 billion pounds of potatoes and cut bison prices 37 percent between January and April.

Meanwhile, aid program meets some criticism on the international stage. Europe claims its size could disrupt markets, Australia and Paraguay worry about the precedent it sets, and Canada wants to confirm it is a temporary program. The U.S. defends its position.