Cotton Council, AFBF, and Farmers Union on HEALS Act

National Cotton Council’s Reece Langley explains how the HEALS Act would impact the industry.

NCC’s reading of the language in the HEALS Act includes support for textile mills and manufactures. However, it does not include support for merchandisers, which was something the council had recommended for the next COVID package.

Negotiations will be continuing for the next few weeks. NCC is continuing to work with Congress, as well as the USDA, to broaden the language for the next package and provide support for all facets of the cotton industry in need.

Other industry groups are also reacting to the Senate proposal.

American Farm Bureau president, Zippy Duvall: “The additional $20 billion dollars for agriculture in the HEALS Act would come at a critical time as the impact of this pandemic continues to hit our farmers and rural communities.”

National Farmers Union president, Rob Larew: “It’s clear that farmers require additional support to stay solvent, and the HEALS Act is an important step toward providing that support... To ensure that the funding earmarked by the bill is fairly and equitably distributed, we urge Congressional oversight of and greater transparency about how and to whom assistance is offered.”