Could the Farm Bill be divided into two?

A senior Republican on the House Ag Committee says that the upcoming Farm Bill should be split into two.

Representative Austin Scott out of Georgia calls the Farm Bill “far-ranging” and says that it should be divided as SNAP and everything else.

This comes a decade after the House briefly put the idea into play. Scott says that we cannot have an honest discussion of SNAP benefits and production agriculture as long as the two are tied together.
However, not all stakeholders agree with the idea with many fearing crop insurance could be jeopardized without strong bipartisan support.

Another member of the House Ag Committee believes Santa is bringing a Farm Bill this year.

Representative Elissa Slotkin out of Michigan is optimistic the legislation will pass by Christmas instead of the September 30th deadline but could be held up by other budget priorities.

Slotkin is focused on securing a safety net for producers as well as keeping farmland in production during generational transitions.