Country star gets lost on his own property


Country star, Kane Brown, got real familiar with his new piece of property when he found himself lost on it.

Brown posted about the incident, “I moved into a new house. I own 30 acres of 3,000 around me. I told my wife I wanted to go check out the property. I’ll be 30 minutes.”

But after he set out with a couple of friends, “30 minutes turned into 3 hours,” he wrote on Facebook. “It started raining, turned dark and dropped to 40 degrees. I left my phone on the back of my truck, my friend’s was on 7 %.”

Brown was able to get a hold of fellow country star and neighbor, Ryan Upchurch, but when they finally met up the whole group got lost together.

Apparently, Upchurch had more friends out in the area riding around and shooting.

“So we call the cops,” Brown said. “The cops arrive and (hear) the gun shots and think we are shooting at them. We yell at them and tell them we are not armed and made it out.”