Couple arrested for livestock theft after joint investigation by TSCRA and Arkansas Ag Department


A couple was arrested for forgery and fraud as well as livestock theft following a crime spree that spanned East Texas and Arkansas.

According to the TSRCA, Aaron Todd Davis and Jessica Davis began in March in Kirbyville, Texas by purchasing six calves using false identification and fraudulent check. The couple eventually paid the victim directly, closing the case, but didn’t stop there.

In early April, the couple allegedly wrote another fraudulent check, this one for more than $5,000 to purchase three heifer yearling and two bulls.

The final incident came in Arkansas in mid-April, when the couple bought and sold cattle at three barns in Arkansas using fake IDs and bad checks.

Aaron Davis admitted to Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association Special Ranger Brent Mast that he had used a fake ID from the dark web in addition to the fraudulent checks.

“This was truly a team effort,” Mast said. “Due to our large network of law enforcement agencies and multiple officers pulling together, we were able to solve these cases and help protect livestock producers and marketers from future loss.”