COVID-19 aid negotiations are back on

President Trump says that the coronavirus aid talks are back on.

He spoke on Fox Business News this morning saying that he shut the talks down because they were not working, but both sides are capable of reaching a new deal and now are back to negotiations.

The President says that he supports aid for the American people and for airlines and small businesses. However, Trump says that he is not wanting to play political games.

Senator Chuck Grassley says that even if a COVID-19 relief bill does make it to the Senate floor, it is likely to be met with resistance.

According to the Senator, “I would be for additional legislation. I think some is needed, but after we spent $3 trillion dollars already appropriated back in March, we can’t go ahead with another, I’d say, roughly $400 billion dollars that isn’t spent yet.”

Grassley things that much of the Senate would agree on a “piece meal” approach is the House of Representatives would do the same. However, those negotiations could be completely stalled until after the election on November 3rd.

COVID relief negotiations may be on hold until after the election.