COVID-19 resources available for dairy farming families


The Pennsylvania-based Center for Dairy Excellence has launched a library of farm resources to help dairy farm families and small business owners through the COVID-19 outbreak. The resources include crisis management tools, stress and wellness resources, and financial planning information.

“We recognize these are very challenging times for everyone and especially for dairy farm families and other small business owners who are working to operate as best they can through this crisis,” said Jayne Sebright, Executive Director at the Center for Dairy Excellence. “Part of the Center’s mission is to connect Pennsylvania dairy farm families to the resources they need to strengthen their dairy operations. With that, we believe an important role we can play is providing a library of resources available to help farmers work through the COVID-19 situation.”

Dairy farmers can find information by clicking here.

The library of information includes:

-A breakdown of COVID-19 so farmers can fully understand exactly what the virus is, how it is transmitted, the incubation period, and other information.

-A COVID-19 fact sheet that helps you best prevent it on the farm.

-Crisis planning resources that will help dairy producers through the crisis planning process and limit the impact on producers.

-Stress and wellness resources to help dairy farm families cope with financial and farm stress, and find the support to keep moving forward.

-Financial planning resources to help producers better navigate the uncertainty with risk management tools.

The library of information will be continuously updated throughout the outbreak.