Crop quality concerns arise from the aftermath of Tropical Storm Beta

The remnants of Tropical Storm Beta continued to saturate the terrain over the southeast Thursday as it moves across southern Appalachia.

Beta, the ninth named storm to make landfall in the U.S. this year, is producing crop quality concerns and harvest delays for farmers in Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi. Downpours from the system stretch all the way across the big bend of Florida.

Ryan Jenkins, a producer in the Florida panhandle, tells Progressive Farmer the peanut season will be shortened because of the flooding. He says that growers will need to dig them up soon, or face losing their products.

The window for harvesting peanuts is time sensitive. Another large crop in the panhandle is cotton.

Jenkins say that it has also taken a beating and you can smell the rot as you drive by.

Early cotton in the region was hit the hardest, some plants are laying down lat, and the bolls that are touching the ground will likely rot off, but there is still some home for late-planted cotton.