Daily Harvest Launches New Campaign in Washington DC

Food delivery service Daily Harvest has launched a new campaign aimed at driving consumer awareness about how food is produced. Founder and CEO Rachel Drori says they are also calling on policy makers to invest in sustainability.

“We believe that a sustainable future begins with our food. And we know that what we eat and how we grow, it can either keep fueling the climate crisis and the health crisis or solve it. So, you know, we really want to be on the side of helping people and the planet. So, we work to be a leader in the industry by really making it easier to eat more organic fruits and vegetables.”

The company projected their call to action onto the US Department of Agriculture building in Washington to highlight the importance of working with the industry to change the food system.

“We partner with all farms directly, and we have actually just partnered with American Farmland Trust and CCOF to be able to amplify our impact. And by doing that, some of the work that we’re doing is finding farmland that’s most at risk.”

She says they also partner with individual farms to expand organic acres and give producers more flexibility to produce specialty crops.

“We commit to transitional crops with our farmers so that three-year process of going from conventional to organic, is covered. We also work to really understand what our farmers want to grow, especially when it comes to regenerative practices like cover crops.”

Drori says Daily Harvest is looking to undo some of the practices that have contributed to what she calls “a broken food system.”

“How can we work with policymakers and work with big food companies to really push the envelope and to challenge the status quo, because it’s not working. We’re not taking care of people. We’re not taking care of the planet and not taking care of our people – not only from a health and wellness perspective, but farmer livelihoods. That passion for the land is what’s feeding America. So, we’ve got to take care of farmers first.”

She says they plan to continue advocating for change in the food system and in upcoming farm bill policy conversations.

Another example of Daily Harvest’s partnership with farmers includes incorporating heirloom legume varieties into their meal recipes to allow farmers to grow what they are passionate about.


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