Dairy producers are feeling the brunt of supply chain issues

Dairy producers are feeling the brunt of supply chain issues, with input costs continuing to increase.

The CEO of the Idaho Dairymen’s Association says that input costs are cutting into the bottom lines of dairy producers. However, rather than dealing with products overseas, the biggest challenge right now is the cost of feed.

According to Rick Naerebout, “The west has been in a sustained drought to varying degrees depending upon states and regions, but there’s just exceptional competition to buy hay across the west. We’re all praying for a hard winter, but as you look at the prospects of a hard winter and a lot of snowfall, then we’re going to put more pressure on an already depleted hay stock as we move through the winter months.”

The association also noted the industry is feeling the impact of the port bottlenecks. They believe the situation will get worse before it gets better.


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