Demand for meat remains high in 2020


According to a study from The North American Meat Institute, sales of meat and poultry were strong in 2019 and demand for meat remains high in North America.

In the 15th year the group’s “Power of Meat” study, it found that meat demand is “accelerating” and sales of meat and poultry hit $50.5 billion in 2019.

The survey also found that spending per household also increased and “moderation far more popular than elimination.” This is partly because 83 percent of shopper purchase specific cuts, leading to smaller portions but more total volume sales. In short, the study reveals consumers are eating less meat more more often.

“The Power of Meat is a thorough examination of consumer behavior and reflects the value of meat and poultry to retailers,” said Julie Anna Potts, North American Meat Institue President and CEO. “The survey affirms the ongoing work of the industry to improve trust in animal protein is welcomed by consumers and useful to retailers.”

The top four things consumers want to hear about from brands in 2020 are nutrition (58%), food safety practices (57%), animal care practices (46%) and the brand’s environmental impact (40%).