Democrats send letter supporting RFS to White House and EPA

Democrats have sent a letter to the White House and the EPA in support of the Renewable Fuel Standard.

The letter voices their disapproval with rumors of potential waivers being considered by the Biden administration. They say that these would be catastrophic to the biofuels industry and the environment.

Both Ag Committee Chairs have signed onto the letter, and Iowa Congresswoman Cindy Axne says that she hopes the White House will listen.

“I won’t stand for any threats to the RFS. You know, I stood up against the last administration and I’m prepared to do it with this one... This is one of the best tools in our toolbox right now to reduce greenhouse gases. I mean we all know this, 40-60 percent cleaner than fossil fuels. Let’s blend this, let’s blend more, let’s get my bill across the country that would expand infrastructure to sell more ethanol. These are the things we need to be doing, and we’re going to keep pushing because this can’t happen,” Axne states.

Axne says that these waivers would undermine emission reduction laws, which she says is a message the President does not want to send.


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