Despite State Fair cancelation, Wisconsin Livestock Expo will be held


Wisconsin canceled its State Fair, but youth will still get an opportunity to show animals because the Wisconsin Livestock Expo is still happening.

The event is Aug. 9-14 on Union Grove and to reduce crowds only one species will be shown at a time. Cattle will be Aug. 10-11, sheep Aug. 12 and pigs Aug. 13-14.

The show rules are the same as the Wisconsin State Fair except for one change, there is no limit on the number of entrants. That was done to give kids the opportunity to show other projects they have been working on in addition to State Fair projects.

“We were kind of collaborating with the Racine County Fair Board, the Department of Health and our executive committee and we decided that there’s a lot of enthusiasm around that area and the Racine County Fair Board was really willing to work with us out and help make this thing a go,” Ben Schmalling, a member of the committee organizing the Wisconsin Livestock Expo told Brownfield

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