New developments in the African Swine Fever vaccine

While African Swine Fever has yet to reach U.S. shores, USDA is still busy working on a vaccine for it.

“We have four vaccine candidates that have been licensed to 14 companies worldwide. Currently, Russia, Europe, and Asia are experiencing outbreaks with African Swine Fever. Working with Vietnam, ARS licensed two of our vaccine candidates which now have been commercially produced and implemented in Vietnam and we are seeing great progress and great efficacy with those vaccines,” said Under Secretary for Ag Research, Education, and Economics, Dr. Chavonda Jacobs-Young. “We are also working with our land grant universities who are working in the area of helping us with the important task of surveillance and detection methodologies so we have made some significant progress.”

The most recent case of ASF was detected in China. The closest cases to the U.S. have been found in the Dominican Republic.