Disappointing Decision: Lawmakers are expressing frustration following Supreme Court’s Prop-12 ruling

Ag groups and congressional leaders are reacting to the Supreme Court’s decision to side with California, regarding the controversial Prop-12 law.

Senator John Boozman released a statement sharing his disappointment in the ruling saying, “At a time when food inflation remains historically high, California has decided that Americans will need to pay more to add animal protein products to their plate, while threatening the livelihoods of family farms across the country.”

Iowa Ag Secretary Mike Naig who oversees the largest hog-producing state, spoke out saying, “While today’s ruling is focused on agricultural production, it will certainly creep into other industries. This disappointing decision sets a concerning precedent and opens the door for the largest states to dictate the laws and regulations for consumers and businesses to the rest of America.”

The National Pork Producers Council calls the Supreme Courts’s ruling just one battle in a larger war on agriculture.

California’s Prop-12 will go into effect on July 1 leaving the industry scrambling for tools left to fight the measure. One analysis shows the law will cost hog producers about $3,500 dollars a sow.