Dispelling fiction and educating growers on the hemp industry

The 2018 Farm Bill allowed all 50 states to build their own hemp laws which has been a start and stop process over the years.

With an increasing interest in industrial hemp production, producers are looking for guidance to navigate this new industry.

Chris Moorman, who was granted Indiana’s second hemp license in 2017, speaks with RFD-TV’s own Tammi Arender on the hemp industry’s development over the years and three different uses for the crop.

“A lot of grain prices have been quite low for the last three to four years. A lot of people rushed into hemp with both feet being promised quite a bit, and we saw some people really get hurt last year and probably going to see some people get hurt this year,” he said. “The most important thing about hemp is know where you’re going to sell it. This is not a easily marketed crop, which unfortunately a lot of growers found out the hard way last year.”

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