Do you have coverage for a cyber attack?

With the ever-growing use of technology on the farm, ag business leaders have a warning to operations across the country. They say farmers are often seen as easy targets, and conversations should be had with insurers about cybercrime coverage.

“What agribusinesses, what an individual farm, what an individual homeowner should be asking of their agent is do we have coverage for a cyber attack? What does that coverage look like? Oftentimes there might be like take a throw-in coverage that’s mixed in with either your homeowners policy or your farm policy. But truly, if you want to have protection, you should look at a standalone cyber liability policy. They’re very reasonably priced for the type of protection you get, and if the agent works a lot in this industry, they can actually help you build a protection plan, a preemptive plan to help control your risks and respond, if you do have an attack,” Jen Pino-Gallagher.

Pino-Gallagher says a simple way to protect your business is to change passwords often and not to use them for multiple accounts. She also says proper training is key, and to make sure employees know how to identify malicious and fake emails.