Dog rescued, returned to owners in Tennessee after 54 days missing


After she was missing for 54 days following a tornado in Putnam County, Tennessee, Eric and Faith Johnson were reunited with their beloved Australian Shepard, Bella.

According to News Channel 5 in Nashville, the Johnson’s home was in one of the hardest hit neighborhoods. The couple attempted to leave clothing around the neighborhood to attract Bella’s scent because they knew she was alive as several neighbors had reported seeing a dog that matched her description in the area.

Eventually, their church friend Sarah Romeyn, who had been helping with the search, was able to find Bella after she set up trail cameras on a fence near where Bella had been previously spotted. The pup ended up being secured four miles from her home.

Eric told NewsChannel 5 he was just starting to lose hope and it was amazing to have their dog back.

“We were finally able to reunite Bella with her owner, Eric. She’s been on the run since the tornado - 54 days. I am incredibly grateful to Karen and her staff at Cumberland Pet Essentials,” Sarah wrote on Facebook.