Drinking Milk on the Senate Floor


Several senators have been spotted sipping milk while watching impeachment hearings, sparking interest and curiosity across social media. Due to the trail, the Senate is enforcing stricter rules and only candy, water, and milk are allowed to be consumed in chamber.

The “milk while speaking” rule came to be back in 1966 when Sen. Everett Dirksen of Illinois was thirsty on the floor.

“Is it in violation of the Senate rules if the senator for Illinois asks one of the page boys to go to the restaurant and bring him a glass of milk?” Dirksen asked.

Seeing there was no rule against it, Dirksen got his drink.

These days Senate cloakroom only provides water to the Senators during session; water. If they want milk, they must provide it themselves. However, they are provided refrigeration.

Senators Ted Cruz of Texas, Richard Burr of North Carolina and Tom Cotton of Arkansas have all been spotted downing a glass of the dairy product while on the Senate floor. Cotton confirmed the reports, joking on Twitter, “It’s true, I had some milk with my chocolate. I guess I could’ve added vodka & had a White Russian (minus the Kahlua).”