Driver transports horse in the back of a pick-up, may face state and federal charges


Waverly, Tennessee (WTVF) -- Last month videos and pictures of a horse in the back of a pick-up truck began going viral. The reason being that the truck was transporting the horse down I-40 in Tennessee at roughly 70 mph.

According to Dr. Samantha Beaty, the Tennessee State Veterinarian, there was a tremendous potential risk to not only the horse but other motorists as well. The driver could possibly be cited for animal cruelty and reckless driving.

Humphrey County authorities were able to track down the truck but were not able to find the driver or the horse.

The horse was not secured in the back of the truck, which also violates federal law; now, the USDA is involved and investigating.

Earlier this year a similar incident happened in Texas. Someone posted to Facebook back in March of another horse in the back of a pick-up traveling down Highway 50 near Lufkin, Texas. The driver of that truck was cited with animal cruelty.