Drought and Farm Bill: Kansas producer shares why this legislation is critical for her operation

Drought has been the talk of the summer, and it is the talk of the 2023 Farm Bill too. Southwest Kansas farmer Marieta Hauser shares why this bill is so important to her operation.

“For us on our farm, we’ve been experiencing pretty severe drought, and the Farm Bill has a crop insurance program with it, and it’s a public-private partnership, and that allows us to be able to continue to farm when we have a drought like we have this year on the farm where we weren’t really able to harvest any wheat. That helps cover some of the costs of what we put into the ground, so that we’re able to continue to farm,” Hauser explains.

She says that the commodity programs are crucial for research and promotion, helping U.S. farmers make a living. She is encouraging all producers to get involved in the Farm Bill legislation process.


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