Drought is impacting hay availability in parts of the country

Hay availability is becoming a concern for producers in the Nebraska Sand Hills as drought continues in the region.

Jaclyn Wilson runs a red Angus cow-calf operation in Lakeside. She speaks with RFD-TV’s own Janet Adkison on current conditions, how the drought is impacting hay availability, and what producers should do.

According to Wilson, “One of the things that is the biggest concern is, we were in a drought situation last year. Everybody around in this area... we came into this year already behind. A lot of the producers out here used up their hay crop, and then there was just no rain coming or snow quantities... and so a lot of us here usually try to have at least a significant amount of carryover. I know a majority of the producers I’ve talked to there is no carryover right now... I think the biggest concern will be this fall.”


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