DTN Ag Summit Conference


December 4, 2017

DTN is hosting their “Ag Summit” this week, December 4 - 6, 2017, in Chicago, Illinois. This year the summit is bringing together producer-focused businesses at their premier agriculture conference. DTN has brought people together from the top of their fields to talk markets, taxes, weather, trade, farm policy and more, and attendees will have the opportunity to talk to the experts and gain insights about the markets and operational aspects of their farm.

CEO of DTN, Kip Pendleton, spoke to RFD-TV’s Sarah Mock on today’s edition of “Market Day Report” about this year’s conference theme, “Conquering Ag Cycles.” He explained that farmers can learn to work with the cycles inherent within the agriculture industry and still operate with a profit.

This year marks the 11th year for this conference, which continues to draw large numbers of farmers. The valuable opportunities for networking and learning at this event are giving attendees the information and skills they need in order to make the decisions necessary for success in this very volatile – and very important – industry.