DTN’s Digital Yield Tour Day 3 results

Analysts at DTN have been tracking this year’s crop. They are taking a different approach all this week, using digital technology like satellites to get a closer look at harvest estimates.

It is their Digital Yield Tour powered by Gro-Intelligence. They are estimating Nebraska will see corn landing at 189.5 bushels per acre with Iowa coming in at 202. Wisconsin is estimated at 172.2 bushels per acre.

Soybeans across the area showed more variability with Nebraska coming in at 55.6, Iowa at 58.4, and Wisconsin at 51.5.

One Southwest Iowa farmer says his conditions have improved after a rough go with drought during the planting season.

“Beans were not wanting to grow at all it didn’t seem like, and the corn was really struggling showing lots of signs of stress. Now, you know, rain just decided to show up and it’s changed significantly. Corn looks really good. Beans have taken off, so might have taken off some top end, but it looks a lot better than it did,” said Kevin Ross.