Dust Bowl 2.0?

The southern High Plains are getting a visit form an old, unwelcomed friend.

Dust has been blowing around since the December storm that barreled through the Plains with 100 mile an hour winds, destroying ranches and killing livestock. It is leading some to wonder if the Dust Bowl days are back.

In extreme cases, dust is so thick it has to be plowed off roads. USDA Meteorologist Brad Rippey says this situation is better than what we saw a century ago because of improved soil conservation practices.

“So perhaps not as severe as what we saw almost a century ago in the 1930s, but still a very serious situation as producers in that region continue to deal with an ever-changing climate that has become warmer and dryer at least for that particular region.”

Rippey expects another wind event this weekend to stir up even more dust. That could cause erosion and have a negative impact on the winter wheat crop.


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