Easter ham sales expected to soar


The pork industry is hoping for a boost in sales this Easter weekend. According to the National Pork Board, ham became a popular choice during the pandemic, as more families stayed home and cooked. Ham even made it onto the tables of younger families that did not traditionally eat ham. The Pork Board expects demand to be strong this weekend as more families hold gatherings after last year’s lockdowns.

So why eat ham at Easter? Kristen Hafer with the Pork Board says that research shows there are three things that contributed to more ham-eaters this Easter.

Hafer says, “Number one is, they find ham to be crowd pleasing, meaning family loves it, it’s something they feel good about serving. The second is, they love the flavor of ham, and the third is ham is their go to. So, as we think about the Easter occasion and we think about those holiday celebrations, they feel good about serving it, it really checks the box for a great eating experience and everyone’s happy.”

For more tips to prepare your Easter ham you can check out pork.org.

Source: National Association of Farm Broadcasters


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