Efforts continue to bridge the rural infrastructure gap

Most everyone who lives in a rural area is well aware of service challenges. From keeping schools open, to building roads, and fixing bridges, efforts continue to close the rural infrastructure gap.

Shaun Haney, the host of RealAg Radio, speaks with RFD-TV’s own Tammi Arender on why this is such a growing issue and what the solutions might be.

“They [rural communities] have shrinking populations; they’ve got a tremendous amount of infrastructure needs and that infrastructure has been tremendously ignored over the past number of years,” Haney states. “The realities of a tax base that is really, really shrinking, so how do we actually pay for all of this infrastructure that’s required, without being forced to be swallowed up by basically closing down the town and making it more of a part of the local municipalities instead? It’s a real financial concern.”

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