Emmy®-Award Winning “Bluegrass & Backroads” Visits Rustic Nail & Co in Bowling Green


Meet the small (but mighty!) crew of “Bluegrass & Backroads,” which is comprised of Kentucky Farm Bureau Federation employees Bob Shrader and Matt Hilton, who travel the backroads of Kentucky in search of stories that capture its rich agricultural heritage, intriguing people, and unique locations.

Recently, the “Bluegrass & Backroads” TV crew was capturing sparks on camera at Rustic Nail & Co. in Bowling Green. Kyle Cochran, the 33-year-old force behind Bowling Green business Rustic Nail & Co (RN&C) takes furniture and interior design to the next level with handcrafted conversation pieces made of both reclaimed and new materials.

The day began with a two-person crew setting up lights and cameras in the wood-laden RN&C office. Following a quick and painless interview (Kyle has had a lot of practice with loads of local interviews and a spot on the national TV show, “Barnwood Builders),” the group hit the workshop to witness Kyle’s crew at work. RN&C’s three-person staff quickly took to banging, bending and welding pieces of metal into works of art, while Matt and Bob worked the room for the best angles, biggest sparks, and loudest bangs.

The pieces the RN&C crew molded for the “Bluegrass & Backroads” cameras will eventually end up in a Starbucks location in downtown Nashville.

After some time in the workshop, the guys braved the winter wind to capture some exterior shots with their drone, a piece of equipment they acquired in 2016.

But the “Bluegrass & Backroads” duo weren’t the only ones carrying cameras around the Rustic Nail & Co. workshop that day. Bowling Green’s WBKO reporter Catharine Gardner showed up to showcase the KFB crew in a story that ran on the 5 and 6 o’clock news Jan. 31, 2017. You can view it online at wbko.com.

Local business brings show business to Bowling Green
The “Bluegrass & Backroads” episode on Rustic Nail & Co. will air Wednesday, June 7th at 4 p.m. ET / 3 p.m. CT on RFD-TV.


“Bluegrass and Backroads” is in its 13th season and has been nominated for 14 Emmys and winning three of the acclaimed awards over the years. The show has covered countless Kentucky treasures, such as the Primate Rescue Center in Nicholasville, an Alpaca farm in Washington County, the nationally-known Dippin’ Dots factory in Paducah, and Louisville’s UPS Worldport®.

Hosted by Bob Shrader and Matt Hilton, the duo work in tandem as co-hosts of the show. And Bob’s love of storytelling and charismatic interviewing skills make him the perfect fit for the role.

“My favorite part of producing “Bluegrass & Backroads” is not the shooting and editing, but the opportunity I get to come into folk’s lives that I interview,” said Bob. “I get to discover why they do what they do. Sometimes those stories are funny and entertaining, other times they are very personal and touching.”

Matt also loves the opportunity the show gives him to meet people around the state.

“They invite us into their lives and allow us to tell their story,” said Matt. “From events to art or charity, the people in our stories have a passion for what they are doing so it’s fun to tell that story.”

To learn more about “Bluegrass & Backroads” visit kyfb.com. To see the full RFD-TV lineup, visit rfdtv.com.


Bluegrass & Backroads’ Bob Shrader interviews Kyle Cochran in his wood-laden office space while co-host Matt Hilton works the camera.


The KFB Federation drone gathers interesting angles of the Rustic Nail & Co. exterior.


Bob Shrader films Kyle Cochran in his Bowling Green workshop.