EPA releases Renewable Fuels Standards for 2023 through 2025

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The EPA took the next steps in the Renewable Fuels Standard Program.

The Agency is proposing to set the 2023 standard requirements at 20.82 billion gallons with the 5.82 billion gallons of that coming from advanced biofuels and 15 billion gallons coming from fuels like ethanol.

For 2024, the Agency is proposing a total volume of 21.87 billion gallons with 6.62 billion coming from advanced biofuels and 15.25 billion coming from conventional renewable fuels.

For 2025, they propose a total volume of 22.68 billion gallons with 7.43 billion coming from advanced biofuels and 15.25 coming from conventional renewable fuel.

Leaders at the Renewable Fuels Association praised the Agency, saying these numbers have put the RFS program back on track.

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