EPA to release its renewable fuel volumes for 2023

The Environmental Protection Agency is expected to release its renewable fuel volumes for next year today after a two-week deadline extension. However, the Renewable Fuels Association says the numbers will not be finalized until next summer.

“Part of this package is going to be the rules for 2023, and so, we will again be in a situation where, at least the first several months of the year, the marketplace will be flying blind a bit, because we won’t have final volumes from EPA,” said Geoff Cooper.

Cooper says he is hopeful the proposed volumes will be strong, and so far, he says he has been encouraged by EPA leadership under its current administrator.

“We’ve been very encouraged by what we’ve seen from this EPA, and specifically this Administrator, Michael Regan, has been very committed to getting the RFS back on track and restoring growth and integrity in the program,” Cooper said.

EPA has not given any indication what the numbers might be, but experts are hoping the Agency will raise the conventional ethanol target above 15 billion gallons.

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