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Erin Cumings

Erin Cumings is a FarmHer from Prole, Iowa who is passionate about agriculture. She was raised in a farming family, and now serves as the Associate Vice President of Agribusiness Underwriting at Nationwide Insurance.

She also operates a family farm with her husband Matthew and his parents. Erin is very diligent about maintaining and growing the farm so that her daughter can grow up with that lifestyle. Cuming’s daughter Tara helps on the farm after school and takes care of her lambs she will be taking to the county fair.

Some work in the professional world, some on production, and then others, like Erin, balance it all. From building a successful career where she works with and provides necessary products to farmers to the farm that she and her husband are working diligently to sustain for their daughter, Erin Cumings is a FarmHer who can do it all.