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Erin Mahoney


FarmHer host Marji Guyler Alaniz travels to Ocala, Florida to meet a FarmHer who works with a unique breed of horse, the Gypsy Vanner. Erin Mahoney started out as a professional makeup artist, but eventually found her way to Gypsy Gold Farm, tending to horses and managing its agri-tourism division.

“It’s been transformative in many ways and I’ve learned so much about myself. You can’t control anything on a farm, but you have to do your best and believe in what you’re doing,” said Erin.

FarmHer begins the day with Erin as she tells the history of the Gypsy Vanner Horse breed. Meet the first horses registered in the U.S and discover Gypsy Gold’s exotic pets on an extensive tour of this historic and thriving farm.