Estimates show almost 7 million acres of corn in Illinois impacted by Midwest derecho


Although Iowa infamously took the brunt of the damage from last week’s powerful wind storms throughout the Midwest, Illinois farmers were also harmed.

The state saw wind gusts up to 100 MPH during the storm and in total, it tracked 770 miles in 14 hours, according to Progressive Farmer.

In total, DTN weather data projected 6.95 million of acres of corn were impacted. That’s an implied production of about 1.39 billion bushels of corn. Soybeans did not fair much better. With an estimated 5.82 million acres, an implied production of about 360.49 million bushels, were also in the path.

The five hardest hit counties were in the Northern part of the state, potentially losing an implied 163.6 million bushels of corn and 44.4 million bushels of soybeans, according to DTN.

One Northern Illinois insurance company has already seen more than 180 claims.