Ethanol Industry on EVs: The infrastructure isn’t there and consumers aren’t all in

The ethanol industry is raising concerns over the Biden Administration’s adamant approach for an all-electric vehicle fleet, saying it is on a collision course with reality.

As policymakers and industry leaders navigate this shifting landscape, voices from the Renewable Fuels Association offer insights into the complexities ahead, saying at some point, tax policies, infrastructure shortcomings, and tough new auto emission standards, to force a switch to all EVs, will hit a roadblock.

“The infrastructure’s not there, and the consumers, there’s been a definite pullback from a consumer perspective, on the purchasing electric, especially all-battery electric vehicles,” said Troy Bredenkamp.

Despite these challenges, Bredenkamp sees opportunities in combining technologies, particularly through plug-in hybrid vehicles.

“I think at some point they’re going to have a realization that the ‘sweet point’ here is a plug-in hybrid concept. And that’s where we want to make sure that those plug-in hybrids turn into flex fuel vehicle plug-in hybrids because we think that would be the best of both worlds.”

However, he also raises a cautionary note regarding the push for a total end to fossil fuels. He warns against potential “regulatory whiplash” in the event of political transitions and stresses the importance of gradual, balanced approaches to environmental policy.

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