Ethanol’s reaction to first presidential debate

The farm sector is reacting to last night’s presidential debate, and although ag was largely left out of the discussion there was talk about clean energy and renewable fuels.

Geoff Cooper, the president and CEO of the Renewable Fuels Association, speaks with RFD-TV’s own Janet Adkison on his big takeaway from the debate and what his hopes are for the next debate.

“We didn’t hear it last night, but we have heard on the campaign trail both candidates express strong support for ethanol and for renewable fuels. We do continue to interact with both campaigns just to ensure they know who we are and what we do in the ethanol industry and that they understand the importance of our industry to the rural economy,” Cooper notes. “So we are going to continue that work with both campaigns and hopefully get more specifics and more details from both about where they intend to go energy policy in the next four years and what role renewable fuels, like ethanol, will play in those policies.”

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